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MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

The Ministry has enhanced the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) Starting from March 2012, students from households with gross monthly income of $2,500 and below will be eligible for the FAS. For households with monthly income in excess of $2,500, students can still be considered for the FAS if there are five or more members in the household (comprising parents, unmarried siblings, grandparents and other dependents) and the per capita income is $625 or less.

FAS recipients are not required to pay school fees and standard miscellaneous fees. FAS recipients are also eligible for free textbooks and school attire. Those at pre-university will receive a bursary of $750 in lieu of textbooks and school attire. In addition, students sitting for national examinations (i.e. PSLE, GCE “N”, “O” or “A” Level) need only pay 25% of the examination fees. All students can opt to pay their 2nd Tier miscellaneous fees from their Edusave account.

MOE FAS Application form