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Our Family (Staff)

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School Steering Committee
Staff Name Appointment Email
Mr Sulaiman  Bin Mohamad Yusof Principal nbss@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Koh Hui Hui Vice-Principal  nbss@moe.edu.sg
Mr Isaac Neo Teng Sing   Vice-Principal (Admin)   nbss@moe.edu.sg  
 Ms Lucy Png  Senior School Counsellor png_lucy@schools.gov.sg 
Mr Eugene Lee Chun YangSchool staff Developer  Eugene_LEE_CHUN_YANG@schools.gov.sg
 Mr Andrew Lim Swee Leong  Year Head (Lower Sec)   andrew_lim_swee_leong@schools.gov.sg
  Mdm Faridah Abdul Hamid   Year Head (Upper Sec)   faridah_abdul_hamid@schools.gov.sg  
  Mr Saiful Bahri Bin Idris   Head of Department, Aesthetics,
Craft & Technology  
  Mr Sean Lim Tong Lee   Head of Department,
Character Citizenship Education
Ms Toh Ji Rong     Head of Department, English Language & English Literature toh_ji_rong@schools.gov.sg  
Mr Loh Jiunn Shyan     Head of Department, Guidance   loh_jiunn_shyan@schools.gov.sg   
Ms Nurul Ain bte Ramli   Head of Department, Humanities     nurul_ain_ramli@schools.gov.sg   
  Ms Chia Xiaoyun Head of Department, ICT       chia_xiaoyun@schools.gov.sg     
  Ms Rosabel Mah Head of Department, Mathematics   mah_kok_teng_rosabel@schools.gov.sg  
  Ms Lila Salleh Head of Department,
Mother Tongue Languages

  Mr Ravi Chandran Head of Department, PE CCA   ravi_chandran_kannan@schools.gov.sg
Ms Boon Lishi Lisa   Head of Department, Science     boon_lishi_lisa@chools.gov.sg 
  Ms Tay Chee Joo Edna   Lead Teacher tay_chee_joo@schools.gov.sg  
Mr Imran Sabdullah Assistant Year Head (Lower Sec) imran_sabdullah@schools.gov.sg  
 Mr Tharmendra Jeyaraman Assistant Year Head (Upper Sec) tharmendra_jeyaraman@schools.gov.sg
Ms Chang Zhen Yu   Sports Secretary  chang_zhen_yu@schools.gov.sg
Ms Maybelline Tay  Subject Head, Art tay_ching_yee_maybelline@schools.gov.sg
  Ms Chong Lee Feng Amanda Subject Head, CCA chong_lee_feng_amanda@schools.gov.sg  
Ms Chan Jia Hui Sabrina Subject Head,
Citizenship Education
 Mr Casimir Kang  Level Head,
English Language and Literature
  Ms Rashidah Binte Ibrahim Subject Head, Food & Nutrition   rashidah_ibrahim@schools.gov.sg  
 Mr Kenneth Sung Kok Siong  Subject Head, History kenneth_sung_kok_siong@schools.gov.sg
Ms Nur Amanina B Md Zain Subject Head, Student Leadership nur_amanina_mohammed_zain@schools.gov.sg
  Mrs Chee Boon See     Level Head, Lower Sec Science   seah_boon_see@schools.gov.sg  
  Ms Marinah Hasnan    Subject Head,  Mathematics marinah_hasnan@schools.gov.sg  
Ms Punitha D/O Vaitilingam   Subject Head, Mother Tongue Languages   punitha_vaitilingam@schools.gov.sg  

Form Teachership 2019 (Mouse-over for email address)

Form Teacher 
Form Teacher 

Form Teacher 

 Secondary 1      
 1-1  Mr Steven Teo (ACT Dept) Ms Farhanah (ACT Dept)  
 1-2   Mdm Chen Xin (MTL Dept) Ms Nur Aishah B Ja'afar (HUM Dept)  
 1-3  Mrs Supra  (SCI Dept) Mr Alvin Tay Shun Long (PE Dept)  
 1-4  Mrs Siti Anis Osman (ACT Dept) Ms Chen Xingli (MTL Dept)  
 1-5  Ms Seetoh Wai Yin (MATH Dept) Mdm Irwani (ACT Dept)  
 1-6  Mdm Margaret Lim Lai Neo (EL Dept) Mrs Shanti (MTL Dept)  
 Secondary 2      
2-1  Mr Herwanto Johari (MTL Dept)
 Ms Lim Li Qing (EL Dept) Mdm Siti Hajar (ACT Dept)
2-2 Ms Celine Chan (MATH Dept)
 Ms Chang Ya Wen (MTL Dept) Ms Kasthuri Silria Sullivan (SCI Dept)
 2-3  Ms Khoo Lee Kuan (EL Dept)  Ms Afnie (MATH Dept)  
 2-4  Mdm Norlita Marsuki (ACT Dept)  Mr Danny Boey (EL Dept)  
 2-5  Ms Wong Yang Hui (ACT Dept) Ms Elisa Chng (ACT Dept)  
 2-6  Mdm Rosnita Bte Juri (MTL Dept) Mr Kelvin Cheng Zheng Cong   (MATH Dept)  
  Secondary 3      
3-1 Mr Simon Teo (PE Dept)  Mrs Koh Koon Wah (MATH Dept)
3-2 Mdm Norazlina Bte Abdul Jalil (MTL Dept)
Mrs Irene Ong (SCI Dept) Ms Siti Nur Aishah (PE Dept)
3-3  Ms Shirley Tan (MATH Dept) Ms Genevieve Chan (EL Dept) Mr Bernie Chia (ACT Dept)
3-4 Ms Charlyn Magnus (EL Dept) Ms Wong Fue Sze  (Math Dept)
3-5 Mr See Kok Han (MATH Dept) Ms Vivien Cheng  (MTL Dept)
3-6 Mr Thomas Lim (HUM Dept)
 Ms Sharinah (HUM Dept)

3-7 Ms Jasmine Teo (EL Dept) Mr Goh Choon Guan (SCI Dept)  
 Secondary 4/5       
4-1  Ms Nurashikeen (HUM Dept) Mr John Soh Ek Koon  (PE Dept)  
4-2 Ms Liu Xue (MTL Dept) Ms Nicholyn Teo Hui Wen (EL Dept)
 4-3  Ms Joanna Chang (ACT Dept)  Mr Heng Seng How (MTL Dept)  
4-4  Ms Poovili (SCI Dept)
4-5  Mr Addison Wong  (EL Dept)    
4-6 Ms Lim Yu Qian Jasmine (SCI Dept)
4-7 Mrs Rathna Raghesh (EL Dept)
4-8 Mr Mohd Alfiyan  (SCI Dept)
4-9  Ms Laura Yzelman (EL Dept)    
  5-1 Ms Koh Hong Eng (MTL Dept)
Mrs Leong Wee Chin (EL Dept)

Operations and Administrative Staff

Staff Name Appointment Email
 Mr Mohammad Syah Administrative Executive  mohammad_syah_iskandar_muslim@schools.gov.sg
 Ms Felicia Ang Administration Manager  felicia_ang@schools.gov.sg 
 Mr Davy Chia Operations Manager  davy_chia_ai_po@schools.gov.sg 

Mr Balasundram

Operations Manager