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Our Identity

School Vision:

Leaders of Character, School of Excellence

NBSS is a school that nurtures leaders – in the workplace, in the community and at home. The emphasis on leadership extends upon the previous vision to nurture leaders. We believe everyone can be a leader in their chosen fields and areas of influence. Some will be leaders of small teams while others will extend their influence on many.

Leaders of Character are about people who guide and inspire others through their actions as persons of character and role models to the people around them. A person of character has the wisdom to know right from wrong; is honest, trustworthy, respectful and responsible. Lickona (1991) suggests that character is a universal phenomenon descriptive of a person who possesses the courage and conviction to live by moral virtues and who exhibits strength in both performance and moral character. Performance character is explained as “mastery oriented” in nature; transcending beyond diligence. In NBSS, it entails the attainment of the 5 As, namely Attire, Attendance, Attention, Assignment and Attitude. Moral character is about “relational orientation” based on successful interpersonal relationships and ethical conduct. A Leader of Character does not just get toe the line; a Leader of Character seeks to achieve excellence in everything that he does.

A School of Excellence embraces excellence as a way of life; as its culture. Our motto Enitamur in altiora, or Be our best, requires the whole school to give our best and always take pride in everything that we do. Excellence, as a value and attribute, refers to the high standards we set for ourselves. The Pyramid of Success (PoS), containing fifteen essential qualities, serves as a guide for our journey to achieve success and excellence. A School of Excellence thrives on three main attitudes: innovation, enthusiasm for learning and desire to push the boundaries at all times. These will form our key approach when relooking at our school programmes and processes.

School Mission:


Every Navalite to achieve Personal Mastery and impact others positively

The NBSS mission articulates our promise, which is to nurture “every Navalite to achieve personal mastery and impact others positively.” In NBSS, we are focused on inspiring students to do their best and achieve personal mastery in learning. Students will be actively engaged in their learning through innovative teaching that enables them to develop their own individual talents and contribute positively to the community.

School Motto:


Enitamur In Altiora

Our school motto, Enitamur in altiora, inspires us to aim to achieve as high as we can, be our best and inspire others. The school motto has not been changed as it is very much a part of the school’s DNA. It continues to be relevant and is aligned to the new vision, mission and core values.

School Core Values:


(Excellence, Care, Courage, Integrity, Teamwork)

While there are many good values that we want to inculcate in each Navalite, we need to have a set of core beliefs that we hold dear to. These beliefs are used as criteria to base our decisions upon and guide our actions and behaviour among staff and students towards our stakeholders and the public. After surveying the values in our school song, our motto and our mission statement, the staff has identified five values we hold most dear. Together, they form the acronym: ExC2ITe.

We put in our best.
We take pride in our work.
We are committed towards excellence in all our endeavours.

Excellence is in everything that we do; Enitamur in altiora, to be our best in pursuit for greater heights so that we remain relevant through the change of time. Excellence is is about our personal best and the high standards that we set for ourselves, it is not about being the first in the line or top of the order. Excellence is a commitment to do our best at all times and we make “excellence a habit” (Wooden, 2005). This habit starts with a growth mindset and constantly striving for personal mastery through the use of Pyramid of Success (PoS). Efforts are sustained and exhibited in all areas of our influence. This strive for excellence has no destination, it is an ongoing journey where we challenge ourselves to break barriers.

We respect.
We show kindness.
We contribute towards the betterment of our community.

Care is crucial because in our pursuit of excellence, we must remember to care for ourselves and the people around us. Care is about kindness and contribution to the betterment of self and others. Care for self is best demonstrated by developing good habits. Care also starts at home / school where we respect, appreciate and show gratitude by doing the right things. In school, we appreciate, respect and cooperate with one another to create a conducive learning environment that we can be proud of, because extending care requires us to contribute actively towards the betterment of the community. We are also proud of Singapore’s achievements and appreciate the many opportunities we have to find success. We are thus better equipped to become confident global citizens who care and contribute to the betterment of the environment and the world around us.

We stand resolute.
We exercise grit.
We demonstrate moral courage in our behaviour.

Courage is about quality of the mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty without fear. Courage is not about overcoming danger and risk, neither is it about self-sacrifice. In NBSS, courage is epitomized in the lion in our school crest – a symbol of strength in the heart and the mind; the grit and resolve. Our school song also reminds us that “we’ll not flinch one bit under stress or strain”. Courage is essential as it provides the propelling strength for us to overcome challenges in our pursuit of excellence. Courage, as a moral value, is about upholding and championing valued convictions in trying times. Courage and grit are about the strengths of character; demonstrated in perseverance during trying times and constantly challenging ourselves to scale greater heights.

We are trustworthy.
We demonstrate honesty always.
We take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

Integrity forms the bedrock of a person of character. It is character excellence, exhibited by a person with a sound moral compass. Integrity is the uprightness of character, thus a person with integrity upholds ethical principles, possesses moral courage to stand up for what is right and exercises honesty at all times. Integrity means consistently doing what is right, even when it seems easier to do what is beneficial to oneself. Integrity is not only crucial for character-building, it forms the foundation to nation building and humanity as a whole. In NBSS, we seek to groom honest, responsible and trustworthy individuals who will always do the right thing at all times, even if no one is looking.

We trust our people.
We put our team’s interest above our own.
We always strive towards our common goal.

Teamwork is about a team achieving excellence together. Teamwork requires individuals to commit to the belief that the only star in a team is the team; to place team above self, and thus working towards a shared vision/common goal. Underlying good teamwork is a set of moral values; respect, trust and honesty which is critical in generating the loyalty and friendship that gives synergy to the team. Good teamwork requires the individual to possess strong work ethics, inspire and impact one another positively; it also demands all to build on one another’s strengths and talents, communicate, cooperate and collaborate effectively.

School Crest:

The lion embodies Singapore:To take pride in our national identity, have a sense of belonging to Singapore and be committed to nation building. The lion also symbolises bravery (strength in character) & courage (strength of the mind).

The open book symbolises the importance of a good education and in constant pursuit of knowledge to achieve success in life.

The four yellow lines represent the four ethnic groups in Singapore; Chinese, Malays, Indians and Others, working and living together in harmony. The blue background shows our commitment to integrate new citizens as we value Singapore’s socio-cultural diversity, promote social cohesion and harmony.

The three rings are inspired by the Olympics. The three rings represent excellence in both performance and moral character, which translates to academic excellence and in the school’s distinct programmes; such as the Sports and the Arts.

School Song:

In 1965, then Principal Mr Mosbergen was inspired to compose the lyrics and music of the  school song  when he saw how the school did not have a song or cheer to celebrate their championship in three out of four divisions in a cross-country race. The school song is still being sung by Navalites today and a copy has been given to the MOE Heritage Centre.