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GROW ME Model for Target Setting & Monitoring

The GROW ME Model by Dr Ng Pak Tee is originally used as a coaching tool that promotes reflection by both the learner as well as the coach. NBSS has adopted this model as a tool for students’ target setting and monitoring process.


  • Allows Navalites to take personal responsibility for their learning through constant reflection and in the process stretch their learning.
  • Allows teachers to identify learning gaps early in order to better guide the students to come up with strategies to close the gaps. 

GROW ME model encourages students to ask self-reflective questions such as:

  • Goals : Where am I heading? What do I want to achieve?
  • Reality : Where am I right now?
  • Options : What choices do I have?
  • Way Forward : What must I do to move forward? (Action plan)
  • Monitoring : Am I moving in the right direction?  What are some of the challenges I’m facing?
  • Evaluation : Have I reached my goals? If yes, what’s next? If no, what choices do I have?


Guiding Questions for the GROW ME Model






  • Where am I aiming for after O/N levels (for upper sec)?
  • What do I want to achieve at the end of this year?
  • What does success look like to me?
  • How would I know if I have achieved my goals? (Performance indicators)



  • Based on the goals that I have set, what is my current performance right now? 
  • Why is my current performance so?
  • Are there any obstacles that are keeping me from learning and performing at my desired level?
  • What are the gaps and areas of improvement that I can identify?
  • What have I tried so far?



  • Which are the areas for improvement that I can work on?
  • What are some of the areas in which I can work on to improve my current performance/achieve your goals?
  • Do I need to consult my teacher for options?


Way forward

  • Out of all the options I have identified, which one(s) do I want to work on first? Why do I choose that option(s)?
  • What might get in the way? How can I overcome it?
  • What support might I need?
  • What would my time frame be like (in order to see improvements)?



  • Am I still working towards the goals I have identified?
  • At what point am I now? Am I satisfied with my progress?
  • What are the plans for my next phase?
  • Do I need any modification in view of what I have learned so far?
  • Is the time frame still valid or do I need a longer time? Why?
  • What challenges am I facing? How can I overcome them?



  • Have I achieved the goals I have identified? Why do I say that?
  • What are the most significant points of learning for me?
  • I can still improve further so (set a higher target) or
  • Why don’t I try to achieve (set a slightly lower target) by (a certain timeframe) and see how I can move on from there?