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NBSS Pyramid of Success (PoS)

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The NBSS Pyramid of Success (PoS) is adopted from John Wooden’s theory of success and is an anchor to promoting character and achieving success in NBSS. It is also aligned to Thomas Lickona’s Performance & Moral Character traits which allow Navalites to develop holistically during their years in NBSS.


The PoS allows NBSS to

  • Establish a common understanding of what success is and how to go about achieving success, 
  • Develop both performance and moral character traits, 
  • Acquire the right values and attitudes, where the battle is towards self and not against others to achieve and excel.
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- Adapted from John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

 "Success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable."

The NBSS PoS comprises the following:

  • 5 Stout Hearts Blocks

The two key cornerstones to the PoS are ‘Industriousness’ and ‘Enthusiasm’. These are the two most important blocks in the PoS, without which, the whole PoS would fail. The other three key foundations to the PoS are the qualities of ‘Friendship’, ‘Loyalty’ and ‘Cooperation’. These five building blocks are the foundations of the PoS. These are the blocks which reach out to the heart. These are the 5 Stout Hearts blocks.

  • 4 Great Thoughts Blocks

The next four building blocks reach out to the thoughts and minds of the people. These are the qualities of ‘Self-control’, ‘Alertness’, ‘Initiative’ and ‘Intentness’. They are the 4 Great Thought Blocks.

  • 3 Brave Deeds Blocks

The three building blocks of ‘Condition’, ‘Skill’ and ‘Team Spirit’ are meant to guide one in his/her action. These are the 3 Brave Deeds Blocks. At the heart of the PoS is ‘Skill’ as this is the actual skill/content being learnt. The rest of the building blocks assist in levelling up this skill and making the person a better learner and person.

  •  2 Mortars of the PoS

The two mortars of the PoS are the attributes of ‘Faith’ and ‘Patience’. These are attributes which run across the PoS and are requirements throughout for one to develop and grow in the various building blocks.

  • The Pinnacle: Be Our Best

When someone achieves the above three levels of Stout Hearts, Great Thoughts and Brave Deeds he/she acquires the necessary characteristics for success. This allows him/her to gain the next two blocks of ‘Poise’ and ‘Confidence’, which in turn allows him/her to achieve ‘Competitive Greatness’.

‘Competitive Greatness then is not meant to compete against the abilities and talents of an opponent, but to work towards being at one’s best and maximising the strengths of oneself.