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SHIPSHAPE in Target Setting & Monitoring

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SHIPSHAPE in Target Setting & Monitoring

Self-mastery is the process of working on never-ending continuous improvement, targeted towards overcoming fears and breaking through resistance one faces. This is achieved through developing strong belief in self and putting in effort to develop one’s personal mastery, which includes addressing one’s shortcomings to close the gap between current reality and personal vision.


  • Take personal responsibility for his/her learning through constant reflection and in the process, stretch his/her learning,
  • Identify one's gaps and close them through a comprehensive plan, and
  • Work towards being at his/her best

The Development Plan for Self-Mastery promotes reflection and a proactive attitude towards one’s growth and development. It is anchored on developing a growth mindset; one should focus on the inner locus of control to take charge of situations and succeed.  It encourages one to ask the five Self-Mastery questions:

       •     What is my personal vision?

       •     What is my current reality?

       •     What I need to do to close the gap between my vision and the current reality?

       •     When am I going to implement my plan?

       •     How am I going to monitor and make adjustments to my plans to achieve my vision?

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Guiding Questions to develop Self Mastery



Developing a personal vision
  • What so I want to achieve?
  • What does success look like for me?
  • How would I know that I have achieved my goals?What would be my performance indicators?
Knowing the current reality
  • Based on the goals I have set, what is my current performance right now?
  • Why is my current performance as such?
  • Are there any obstacles that are keeping me from learning and performing at my desired level?
  • What are the gaps and areas for improvement that I can identify?
  • What have I tried so far? What are the learning experiences from these attempts?
Establishing a plan to close the gap between vision and reality
  • What are some areas I can work on to improve my current performance?
  • What are the options available for me?
  • Of all the options, which is the option I want to work on and why?
  • What support might I need?
  • What might be in the way of my plan which I need to take note of?
  • What would be the detailed time frame and plan for me?
Implementing, monitoring and making adjustments to the plan to achieve the vision
  • Am I still working towards the goals I have identified?
  • At what point am I at now? Am I satisfied with my progress?
  • Do I need any modification in view of what I have experienced so far?
  • Is the time frame still valid or do I need a longer time? Why?
  • What challenges am I facing? How can I overcome them?
  • Have I achieved the plan? What is next for me?

Character Development through SHIPSHAPE