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School Counselling Service

A positive and balanced state of mind is an important pre-condition for doing well in school (academic as well as co-curricular pursuits). 

Students  who need to seek advice or speak to someone over any personal or school issue that bothers him/her can make an appointment with our school counsellor who provides the psycho-socio-emotional support for any student. Some issues could be

  • strained inter-personal relationships
  • poor self discipline
  • bullying
  • study and examination-related stress
  • substance abuse
  • sexual / physical / emotional abuse

Students can also approach the school counsellor to find out more about educational options and explore future careers. Do visit the ECG corner at the Library or access the ecareers portal for more information. 

To see the counsellor, students may walk in during recess or after school. 

School Counsellor: 
Ms Lucy Png, Venue: Hope Sanctuary (Level 2, next to Staff Room)