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School Expectation of The Self-directed Navalite

In line with our school vision of moulding Future Leaders, we expect all Navalites to cultivate self-directed personal leadership in the 5As of Attendance, Attention, Assignment, Attire and Attitude.


Navilite Code of Conduct

A proud and well groomed Navalite...

  • wears the prescribed school uniform to school and to all school functions with pride, and will not modify the uniform in any way
  • wears the school tie for all official school functions
  • wears the school's PE T-shirt T-shirt and PE shorts during PE lessons
  • keeps the school's PE T-shirt tucked into the PE shorts properly
  • maintains a neat hair-cut
  • keeps fingernails short and properly trimmed

A responsible Navalite ...

  • comes punctually to school and assemble at the Plaza or any other designated area by 7:25 a.m. on all school days except by 8:25 a.m. on Wednesday
  • who is a Singapore citizen, sings the National Anthem and takes the pledge with the right fist placed across the chest
  • sings the school song with gusto during school assemblies
  • obtains a permission slip from the Admin Centre if he/she arrives late to school and hands this to the Subject Teacher in the class before he/she is allowed to resume lessons
  • calls the Form Teacher or leave message with Admin Centre @ 6257 1996 before 8 a.m. if he/she is unwell and cannot come to school
  • produces a Medical Certificate (M.C.) to his/her form teacher on the immediate school day after the day of absence, failing which, he/she would be deemed to have played truant
  • submits a parent's letter to explain his/her absence due to other reasons
  • wears the permission tag issued by Subject Teachers when leaving the classroom
  • only buys and consumes food and drinks in the canteen and not in any other school areas, during recess time and after school hours while still on the school premises
  • switches off his/her mobile phone during curriculum hours (starting from 7:30 a.m. on all school days except 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday) in order to maintain an environment conducive for learning without being instructed to do so. Phones are considered in use if switched on.

The environment needs the love of thoughtful Navalites who... 

  • keep the school premises clean
  • are responsible for the cleanliness and the orderly arrangement of desks and chairs in the classrooms
  • take care of school property
  • throw all waste materials into the bins provided
  • put recyclable materials into the appropriate recycling receptacles
  • return all crockery to the respective receptacles after use
  • consume food and drinks in the canteen only


  • The school places a high level of emphasis on punctuality, as it is one of the 5As Pillars of Success (attendance). 

  • A pupil will be considered late if he/she is not with his/her class at the Parade Square/Hall by the 7.35 a.m. bell (Mon-Tue, Thur - Fri) and 8.35 a.m. bell (Wed) 

  • All latecomers will be given a 'Late Slip' and their EZ-Link card will be kept at the Responsible Thinking Classroom to ensure they attend detention class after school 

  • Once a pupil is late 3 times within a term, the school will inform the parent/guardian via telephone. The salient points to be communicated in this conversation include the following: 
        (a) Finding out the cause for the late coming 
        (b) Working out a plan with the parent on how parents can help the child/ward be punctual to school 
        (c) The need for parents/guardians to meet the Form Teacher and Guidance Team member should 
             the child/ward be late for the 4th time; 
        (d) Reminding that there will be a consequence of caning (boys)/ in-house suspension (girls) should 
             the child/ward by late for the 6th time per semester
  • Once a pupil is late for the 4th time, the Form Teacher will arrange to meet the parents/guardians for a conferencing session to work out a joint action plan to help the child to be punctual. The consequences for being late 6 times and more per semester will be reiterated. 

  • The parent/guardian will be alerted via telephone when the child/ward is late for the 5th time, and reminded again of the consequences should the child/ward be late for the 6th time in the semester.

Attire & Grooming


Cream blouse with navy blue collar and navy blue trimming on sleeves 

Length - not more than 2.5 cm above the knee 

Black, cover the ball of the ankle 

Predominantly black with black laces 



Girl's Grooming


  • No fancy hairstyle
  • Dyed or tinted hair is not allowed
  • Hair that reaches past the top collar must be neatly tied up
  • Ribbons or elastic bands should only in black or dark blue in colour; all other colours are not allowed
  • No make-up on face
  • Only one identical pair of ear studs allowed; wear only one stud on each ear lobe
  • No other ornament or jewellery is allowed

Boy's Grooming



  • Hair must be cut short and neat
  • Hair should not touch the collar or cover the ears
  • Hair must not touch the eyebrows when combed down
  • No fancy hairstyle
  • Dyed or tinted hair is not allowed
  • Long side burns are not allowed
  • Face must be clean shaven; no beard or moustache is allowed
  • No wearing of ear studs or other ornaments/jewellery is allowed