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Teaching & Learning Resources

Asknlearn LMS

The AsknLearn Learning Management System (LMS) provides
e-learning tools that supports IT infused learning, collaborative learning, formative assessments and mobile learning.


The Ace-Learning Portal is a Mathematics E-learning system with resources such as lessons, interactive tools, exploratory activities and progressive mastery progamme for a complete learning experience.

iMTL  The iMTL Portal is an online learning portal that uses multi-media to leverage on students’ familiarity and regular use of ICT to enrich their MTL learning, better engage their interest, and help them to make MTL learning a living language, so that they can become active learners and proficient users of the language.  
we-Learn   we-Learn is an online portal to support the learning of English to develop 21st century competencies, including information, communication and collaboration skills in students.
EN[a]BLER The Express Normal (Academic) Blended Language‐use Evaluation Resource Portal provides opportunities to craft assessment tasks in areas of language learning (provision for AfL).