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Overseas Art Study Trip

Since 2003, the school has been organising overseas study trips as part of our efforts to provide vibrant and enriched art learning to our students. The trips have proven to be great sources of inspiration and motivation for the students, thus further fuelling their interest and passion in art. Students need to apply to participate in the study trip. Students will be selected based on their art academic results, contributions to the school (in art or other areas) and attendance, conduct and behaviour during art lessons and in general.

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The objectives of the study trip are as follows:

  • recognise and affirm students’ talents and achievements in art;
  • raise students’ confidence in and through their art practice; 
  • provide students with a rich vocabulary of experiences  to inform their art practice and learning; and
  • expose students to current art educational and vocational practices outside of Singapore. 

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The study trips provide opportunities for students to

  • interact and engage in meaningful dialogue with their international peers and arts practitioners, centred on their arts learning and practice and culture. This exchange will expose them to current arts educational and vocational practices as well as help them to develop inter-personal and cross-cultural skills. 
  • engage in learning activities that reinforce and augment their arts learning in the school. The activities will be designed according to the specific venues so that students learn in an authentic manner and with a greater understanding of the different contexts.
  • be exposed to a rich plethora of visual, aural and experiential information, which they may gather and document to inform future learning and practice. Students will learn to use appropriate tools to document sights, sounds and experiences over the course of the trip.
  • generate ideas for and conceptualise artworks, inspired by the information gathered and/or learning acquired during the study trip, which they will complete and showcase to the school and larger community at a later time.

Since 2003, the school has organised study trips to:


City / Country of Visit


Paris (France)


Paris (France)


Helsinki (Finland)


Amsterdam (Netherlands) & Brussels (Belgium)


Paris (France)


Madrid & Barcelona (Spain)


Venice, Florence & Rome (Italy)


Tokyo (Japan)


Barcelona (Spain)


Prague (The Czech Republic)


Capri & Rome (Italy)


Melbourne (Australia)


Melbourne (Australia)


Beijing (China)