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School as a Giant Art Gallery

The entire school campus has been converted to a large art gallery displaying artworks created by students, staff, parents and other stakeholders. There are artworks on the walls, floors and ceilings, in waterscapes and landscapes, indoors as well as outdoors and on every floor of the school building. The artworks range from individual creations to large-scale collective installations. The increasingly rich repertoire of artistic expressions, styles, forms and themes provide a stimulating environment for cross-fertilisation of ideas and for team learning and growth.

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The artworks are displayed according to a larger curatorial concept. Each floor of the school building focuses on a specific ecological stratum that represents an aspect of nature or life.

Level 1 Exhibits depict sea and landscapes, with water features, gardens and parks.

Level 2 Exhibits depict close-range renditions of trees, flowers, animals and insects.

Level 3 Exhibits art depict bird-eye views of landscapes and nature.

Level 4 Exhibits depict space, the universe and abstract concepts, including the surreal