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Other Information

In line with MOE’s emphasis on a Student-Centric, Values-Driven education, the Ministry of Education will support all secondary schools to each develop an Applied Learning programme (ALP) and a Learning for Life programme (LLP) by 2017 to complement their core academic and student development programmes. The programmes will not only offer students more opportunities to pursue learning in line with their interests, they also help our students to deepen their 21st century competencies through a combination of applied learning experiences and life-skills experiences. This is part of MOE’s efforts to ensure that all our students acquire a broad and deep foundation for a lifelong journey of learning.

The Applied Learning programme will serve to connect academic knowledge and skills with the real world. The emphasis is on the application of thinking skills, connecting knowledge across subject disciplines, stretching the imagination and applying these in authentic settings in society and industries. The intent is to help students appreciate the relevance and value of what they are learning in the academic curriculum and develop stronger motivation and purpose to acquire knowledge and skills.


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