The NBSS ALP in Art aims to develop students who are:

Ardent Advocates

        • Students see the relevance of art to their own lives and thus better appreciate its significance in the social, cultural and economic fabric of contemporary society
        • Students have real knowledge of possibilities that art has to offer as an educational or professional pursuit
        • Students pursue further studies/ practice in art

b)      Confident Communicators

        • Students are able to discuss and present their own and others’ artworks using appropriate vocabulary (verbal)
        • Students are able to express themselves through art (artistic expression)
        • Students are able to communicate intent/ideas through their art practice (effective communication through art)

c)      Skilled Practitioners

        • Students have baseline skills and knowledge in different art forms
        • Students are proficient in their chosen art forms

d)      Empowered Thinkers

        • Students take ownership of the creative process
        • Students apply their art learning to impact others (to make their mark in the world)