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Co-Curricular Programme

Co-Curricular Activities
The school offers four art Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) under the umbrella of the Art Club, namely:

a)      Art & Design;

b)      Ceramics;

c)      Floral Art; and

d)      Art Talent Development Programme (ATDP).

For more information about our Art Club, please click here .


Structured Art Enrichment Programmes

Through our structured art enrichment programmes, all students will have opportunities to continue to engage in art enrichment activities such as workshops and learning journeys throughout their 4-5 years in the school. The programmes are usually held during the post-exam period at the end of each semester.

Enrichment Programmes.jpg

Art Events

Every year, the school holds an Art Week, to celebrate the launch of the annual art exhibition. During that week, students get to participate in a variety of art activities on a sign-up basis. Aside from the Art Week, there are frequent ad-hoc art events such as Staff Art Appreciation sessions and Art assembly programmes. These help to contribute to a vibrant arts experience for the students and staff.