In both the Pervasive and Specialist Tracks, students will develop practical skills in:·         

  • two-dimensional art forms, e.g. drawing, painting, printmaking;
  • three-dimensional art forms, e.g. sculpture using ceramics;
  • design, e.g. character design, fashion design, graphic design; and
  • digital media, e.g. digital imaging, digital illustration.

These provide the platform for the critical study and discussion of artists, artworks and art concepts as well as aesthetic principles.

In the Specialist Track, students’ learning experiences will be extended to real-world application of their art learning; ranging from planning and curating art exhibitions, visiting places of art-related work as well as working with practising artists.

The NBSS formal Art curriculum comprises the GAP and EAP at the lower and upper secondary levels respectively. The EAP is delivered through the upper secondary Art formal curriculum and an extended programme conducted after curriculum hours. The curriculum outline, which illustrates the progression of learning at the different levels, is given below.

a)      Formal Curriculum (Secondary 1-3) Programme Outline


Module(s) (technical skills & key concepts/knowledge)

Sec 1

Drawing I:

Stylised drawing using pencil & ink

Painting I:

Colour exploration


2-D / Graphic design


Medium-specific knowledge of artists and artworks; aesthetic principles

Sec 2

Drawing II:

Observational studies using pencil & ink

Painting II:

Stylistic exploration

Design: Character design

3-D Art:


Thematic study of artists and artworks and application of aesthetic principles; art & design; basic creative process

Sec 3

Drawing III:

Deeper observational studies using pencil, ink & colour pencil

Painting III:

Further stylistic exploration


Visual communication

Digital imaging, photography & illustration

Critical study of art; application of the creative process; presentation

b)      Extended Programme (Secondary 3) Outline:





Artist Talks

6-7 sessions of interaction with invited practitioners, who will share on the following:

·         their practice and experience,

·         work process for an actual work/project, and

·         a skill or technique that students can apply to their work.


The invited practitioners will be from any of the following professions:

·         Art education

·         Arts management

·         Fashion design

·         Fine art

·         Graphic design

·         Illustration

·         Photography

·         Urban art / Graffiti



Art / Design Project with Consulting Artist

6-7 weekly sessions to complete an authentic, real-life project in collaboration with a consulting artist.