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Students VIA

Nee Soon South Litter picking activity on 16 March 2014




Our Navalites doing their part to keep Singapore clean and green!


On 16 March 2014, students from Hope 3-1 and representatives from all of our Secondary 1 classes participated in the annual litter picking activity along Yishun Ring Road. By clearing litter from the drains and common spaces such as playgrounds and void decks, our students help to reduce the possibility of mosquitoes breeding in the neighbourhood especially during this warmer period of the year. A few of our students were even selected to spread the importance of saving water to the residents living in the area. Great effort Navalites!


Chinese New Year- A festive season for giving (Partnership with Daybreak Family Centre)



Members from the Floral I&E Club helping to prepare the hampers



The end products ready to be sent to Daybreak Family Centre



Chinese New Year is a time for our Navalites to spread the joy of the festive season and this year our students from Hope 3-2, Hope 3-3 and Floral I&E Club gathered together to raise funds and create beautiful hampers for families from the Daybreak Family Centre. The families were thrilled to receive the beautifully prepared hampers! Well done Navalites!



Navalites volunteer at Breast Cancer Foundation

Cyberwellness exhibition 2013


Hope 2-1 students sharing about useful application online


Hope 2-2 students with their project work on proper netiquette



On 19 April 2013, students from Hope 2 classes presented their projects on cyberwellness to their juniors from Hope 1 classes. Through the exhibition, the students spread the importance of privacy protection, having proper netiquette when posting comments online and inform others about useful applications for learning online.



Litter picking activity


Everyone from the local community coming together to Nee Soon South clean and beautiful



On 21 April 2013, students from Hope 4-2, Integrity 4-1 and Integrity 3-2 participated in a litter picking activity around Yishun Ring Road. By clearing litter from drains and floors, the students help to reduce the possibility of mosquitoes breeding in the area especially during this warmer period of the year.



World Water Day

Students walking along the water trail



On 16 March 2013, our Sec 1 students went on a water trail along Lower Seletar Reservoir to learn about the importance of water conservation and how they can play their part in water conservation. They also learnt about the history of Lower Seletar Reservoir and the four main sources of water for Singapore.



Kitson Low (Integrity 2-2) Youngest Volunteer at OBS Camp for Youths with Intellectual & Physical Disabilities

Kitson Low rendered his help during the recent March Holidays, from Wednesday to Friday (20-22 March 2013), as the youngest volunteer at Outward Bound Singapore camp for youths with intellectual and physical disabilities.


When Kitson’s  mum told him about such a volunteer act, he decided to help as he felt that he could make a difference in someone’s life and give them the attention that they need. He wanted to take part in such volunteer acts first so that he can inform his fellow classmates about his experience and influence them in attending any future camps with him.


He was in charge of taking care of two students who were 10 years old and 16 years old. During an excursion to Pulai Ubin, Kitson had to help them get used to the new environment and make new friends. He patiently tried to get the students to communicate with him and share their thoughts.


 After the camp, Kitson learnt that those with special needs are just as similar in thoughts as him and all they needed was some special attention. He is glad that he participated in the camp and would want to take part in such volunteer acts again as it was an enriching experience for him. (Read more )




Y.A. Cantribute - A collaboration with Northwest CDC

Students from Hope 3-3, Hope 3-1, Integrity 3-3, Hope 2-3, Integrity 3-2, Integrity 4-1, 4-2 and 4-3 worked hand in hand together to raise basic necessities for needy residents who are living in the rental blocks in Chong Pang division. Families living in these blocks fall below the household income of $1,500 and most of the residents are recipients of financial assistance schemes from the Northwest CDC. Through the collaborated hard work of students, teachers and staff from Northwest CDC, we managed to hit our target number of preparing 424 food packs. This event has helped to promote community service in youths, raised food for the needy and eased their burden and has also provided a platform for the community to help the less well-off.










$25,000 worth of Food items raised within a month (Article from Tamil Murasu, 10 March 2013)


About 300 youths participated in Northwest CDC’s fund raiser activity last month. They raised about $25,000 worth of food items for 424 needy residents of Chong Pang.


Naval Base student, Priyanka Maurya, 15, was one of the youth volunteers and was featured in the Tamil Murasu newspaper on Sunday, 10 th Mar 2013 for her kind act. She helped to distribute the food packs to the needy residents residing in rental flats at Chong Pang.


This was a first experience for Priyanka as a volunteer and it has been a very meaningful one for her. “I have learnt that volunteering for a good cause is indeed very interesting and I wish to be part of more volunteering projects. Even though, door-to-door distribution could be tiring, seeing the satisfaction on the residents’ faces overpowers the tiredness and brings me much bliss,” she exclaims.



All our volunteers! More hands make light work! Our Navalites loading the food packs onto the lorry
Arranging the packed food and all ready to go! Food products gathered and ready to go Our Navalites packing food items into the gift packs


Students’ service learning programmes during level camps

Our Navalites planting trees

Our Secondary 1 Navalites participated in an anti-littering campaign to spread an important message to the public─ that all of us are responsible for keeping our environment clean. They created bookmarks with anti-littering messages and went around the neighbourhood to share the message with the public. Our Navalites are very grateful for the opportunity to play their part in keeping the environment clean and it was exciting for them to meet curious onlookers and engage them in conversations to share the importance of keeping our environment clean.


Our Secondary 3 Navalites headed to Bintan for their exciting 4 days and 3 nights camp. While on their trip, they did not forget about giving back to the community. They helped to pave roads, plant trees and painted the walls of a school for the children at Bintan.

Secondary 1 Navalites promoting to public the

importance of keeping our environment clean

Secondary 1 Navalites making bookmarks

Our Navalites mixing cement to pave roads

Painting works for a school in Bintan


Compassion Fund Share-a-meal Programme

Compassion Fund Share-a-meal Programme We are pleased to inform you that two classes- Int 3-4 and Hope 3-2 led in a fund raising programme for the Compassion Fund Share-a-meal programme and our school raised a total of $1165.40 this year. The funds raised will go towards helping needy students who are facing a family crisis due to a death, major illness or an accident in the family. Last year, the organisation had a total of 146 students who benefitted from the Compassion Fund which provides immediate interim funding to help the families tide over the crisis. Thank you Navalites for making a difference in the lives of these students and their families!