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Art Club

The NBSS Art Club comprises four wings, namely:

  • Art & Design
  • Ceramics   
  • Floral Art
  • Art Talent Development Programme (ATDP) (Secondary 2 and above)

The Art Club is organised in the following manner:


Art & Design


Floral Art


Sec 1

Students will go through a 6-week module in each wing per year. At the end of Secondary 1, students may apply to be on the ATDP.


Sec 2

Selected students go through the ATDP.

Sec 3

Students choose a wing to specialise in.

Sec 4 & 5


Upon admission into the Art Club at Secondary 1, students will be allocated a group that comprises Secondary 1 and 2 students. Over the course of the year, each group will go through three 6- to 7-week modules in Art & Design, Ceramics and Floral Art.

At the end of Secondary 1, students may apply to be emplaced on the ATDP.  Students will commence with the ATDP at Secondary 2. Students not on the ATDP will go through another year of learning across the three Art Club wings.


At the end of Secondary 2, students will select a wing to specialise in. They will spend their upper secondary years engaging in deeper learning in their area of specialisation, while providing guidance to the junior members.


At the end of their 4-5 years in the Art Club, each student will complete a graduating artwork in their chosen area. These will be showcased at the annual NBSS Art Exhibition.


Beyond art learning, the Art Club is also an invaluable platform for nurturing students’ holistic development. Through this experience, students will acquire an array of 21st century competencies as well as values, attitudes and dispositions that will no doubt hold them in good stead as they grow to become future art appreciators, practitioners or leaders.

Art Talent Development Programme

The ATDP is a 4-5 year CCA-based talent development programme that provides students with a keen interest and talent in art to pursue art outside of curriculum time. Students apply to be emplaced on the programme at the end of Secondary 1 and are not required to offer art at upper secondary level.

Aside from developing their personal practice and portfolio, students on the ATDP will also participate in key developmental programmes at different stages of their studies, e.g. Secondary 2 students will participate in a 6-week curation module at the National Gallery Singapore. At Secondary 3, they will organise the school’s annual art exhibition.


  • Ms Guo Yixiu (ATDP IC)
  • Mdm Norlita
  • Mrs Anis Osman
  • Mrs Supra
  • Ms Genevieve Chan
  • Ms Norazlina Bte Abdul Jalil
  • Ms Siti Hajar Bte Zakaria
  • Ms Nur Aishah Bte Jaafar

Training Day

Every Tuesday, 2.30pm - 5.30pm