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Naval Base Chorale’s Certificate of Accomplishment in 2017’s SYF Central Judging was a triumph in not just competitive greatness, but also significant in many other ways.  Most notably, however, Naval Base Chorale never let her intentness and enthusiasm wane.  Since last year, Naval Base Chorale has conditioned herself continuously by participating actively in choral workshops, choral exchanges and masterclasses to build up her choral singing skills.  The fruits of her hard work began to show when Naval Base Chorale was awarded a high silver for an international choral competition, Orientale Concentus. 

The Naval Base Chorale is truly a beautiful display of team spirit; the blend of melody and strength in every Navalite chorister’s voice is a testimony to NBSS’s spirit of excellence. Indeed, ‘Be Our Best’ begets success!

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  • Ms Wong Yang Hui (ic)
  • Ms Khoo Lee Kuan

Training Day

Every Tuesday, 2.30pm - 5.30pm