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Dance Club

Our Naval Base Dance (International) is proud to announce our double distinctions for the recent SYF 2015 Arts Presentation!

Sustaining the Gold and Distinction award since 2011, our Indian Dance group has shown that through determination and hard work, they persevered and managed to put up a stunning Snake Dance. As the name of the dance suggest, our dancers were able to portray the flexibility and strength of a snake through this complex dance. Even though the group consists of a multi-racial mix of students, they were able to master the classical Indian dance poses within a few months of practice. Well done girls!

For the first time in Naval Base Secondary, our dance group decided to send a second group of dancers for another category of SYF –the Dance (International). It was our dancers’ decision to participate in this category this year and they promised to work hard and put in their best for the performance. Staying true to their promise, they have done us proud by achieving a Certificate of Distinction through their first attempt! The sharpness in their movements and the high energy that showed in their dance entitled, “The Naval Base Arcade” managed to liven the audience as well as the judges. Keep up the spirit, dancers!

We would like to express our gratitude to both our dance instructors, Mdm Kavita Subramaniam and Mr Mohammad Faliq Rais for their dedication and hard work in training the dancers for this year’s SYF. Thank you.


Name of Teacher-in-charge

  • Mr Tharmendra (i/c) 
  • Mr Addison Wong 
  • Ms Nurul Ridha Farhanah Bte Rahma
  • Ms Margaret Lim Lai Neo

Training Days

Every Tuesday, 2.30pm-5.30pm