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Drama Club (English)

NBSS English Drama Club went through many demanding obstacles during our months and months of preparation. Wanting to be different, we wanted to venture away from the dark themes that we usually perform for our previous Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) skits and explored comedy for SYF 2015. In line with SG50, we performed a vibrant and comical play that depicts the early years of Singapore’s struggle to independence till to the modern successful society it is today. Despite the many difficulties, we persevered and believed in ourselves.

Because of our determination and commitment, our sweat and turmoil paid off. We are awarded the CERTIFICATE OF DISTINCTION! 

 Thank you Navalites for your unflinching support!

Name of Teacher-in-charge

  • Ms Sharinah
  • Mr Danny Boey
  • Ms Deeba

Training Days

Every Tuesday, 2.30pm-5.30pm