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Table Tennis

CCA Description

Singapore's silver model award in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games has greatly inspired the nation's enthusiasm toward table-tennis, a sport which can demonstrate individual techniques as well as the teamwork spirit.


Naval Base Table-Tennis is an ever-growing team. Currently, we have more than forty members. Under the patient and skillful guidance of our experienced coaches, quite a few pupils have qualified to take part in competitions within a short period of training time.


In an effort to provide pupils with more opportunities to participate in competitions, broad arrays of table tennis contests were organized at various levels, e.g., North Zone Table Tennis Competition and Friendship Competition with other secondary schools. In the 2008 competition with Christ Church Secondary School, our team won two gold medals and one silver medal.


Our short-term goal is to work our way to be the top 4 in the North Zone.


Name of Teacher-in-charge

  • Mdm Chen Xin (i/c)
  • Mr Kelvin Cheng

Training Days

Every Monday, from 3.00pm - 5.30pm
Every Friday, from 1.30pm - 4.30pm