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Girl Guides


CCA Description

We are the ones you often see during National Day Parade clad in blue with a light brown scarf. The Girl Guides is about sisterhood and bonding young girls together as well as forging life-long friendships.

It is also the only uniformed group in Naval Base Secondary School meant exclusively for girls.

The Guides motto is to ‘Be Prepared’, that is, to be ready for any form of duty that may come our way by practicing beforehand.

Guiding Principles

We abide by the 10 Guide Laws: 

1. A guide is loyal and can be trusted 
2. A guide is useful and helps others 
3. A guide is polite, considerate and respects her elders 
4. A guide is friendly and a sister to all guides 
5. A guide is kind to all living things 
6. A guide is obedient 
7. A guide has courage and is cheerful in all difficulties 
8. A guide takes care of her own possessions and those of other people 
9. A guide is thrifty and diligent 
10. A guide is self-disciplined 

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Girl Guides Movement is to provide girls with the opportunity for self-training in the development of character, responsible citizenship and service to the community. Hence, in Naval Base Secondary School, we conduct team-building activities and skills training such as games, kayaking, dragon-boating, gadget-making, knotting and lashing, and courses which will earn us proficiency badges like the Crime Prevention Badge and Healthy Lifestyle badges. We also provide Yeoman Services during school events and events organized by Girl Guide Headquarter. Guiding is a game of adventure, observation, knowledge and ideas. It is an education in life skills that will encourage each girl to be a responsible citizen and to lead a useful life.

Our programmes are made up of footdrill training, games, test works, external badge courses, knotting and lashings, sing-a-long sessions. All these serve to enable the girls in the acquirement of guiding skills through hands-on experiences.


The Guides participated in camp craft, service learning at Sree Narayana Mission Home, camps, outdoor challenge, social and personal development. Through these activities, the Guides are develop to their fullest potential to become confident individuals of the society. With a strong sense of commitment and pride, the company has attained third Puan Noor Aishah (GOLD) Award in 2016.

We are proud of Castillo Angela Joy Reyes of 4-6 for achieving the Baden Powell Award (BPA) 2016.  The BPA is the highest award given out by our Chief Commissioner to a Girl Guide. Angela had to undergo a test that involved planning and executing a task given by a tester.  

2016 guide1.jpg
The Girl Guides joined a global body confidence revolution programme, Free Being Me. It aims to empower girls through improving body confidence.

2016 guide2.jpg

Name of Teacher-in-charge

  • Ms Lim Yu Qian Jasmine (i/c)
  • Ms Poovili d/o Panisilvam
  • Ms Lim Li Qing

Training Day

Every Tuesday from 2.30pm - 5.30pm