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National Cadet Corps (NCC)


CCA Description

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) has been active in providing students with opportunities to develop their discipline and military knowledge through various activities conducted in school and NCC HQ. Cadets will be exposed to skills such as precision drills and freestyle  drills after they have built a strong foundation in their basic foot drills. 

NCC cadets will also learn how to handle the SAR21 as well as various field techniques in Individual Fieldcraft. They will also participate in combined UG activities such as Kayaking, UG Overseas camp and VIA activities such as the International Coastal Cleanup. 

Students will also participate in HQ competitions such as the Shooting Competition, Orienteering Competition, Mini-League, Precision Drills and Freestyle Drills Competition. Cadets will also have a chance to participate in the official National Day Parade as part of the NCC marching contingent or the show segment. 

NCC received the Gold award for the Best Unit Competition in 2013.

: Best Land Unit in NCC

Mission : Instill pride and dedication in every cadet through fun and enriching activities


1.         In line with the NCC syllabus, the cadets from different levels are grouped into the various
            specialties based on their interest:
            a.         Physical Fitness
            b.         Precision Drill Squat (PDS)
            c.          FreeStyle Drill

2.         Deserving cadets are given “field” ranks to increase motivation level.

3.         All Specialists are given an appointment from Platoon Sergeant to Administrative Specialists for
            them to excel.

4.         Deliberate insertion of Physical Fitness Component in most training sessions to cope with the
            demands of national competition.

1.         Support various HQ / national activities:
2.        Fitness programme at Macritchie Reservoir

3.         PDS performance during Achievement Day and National Day Parade

4.         Night hike to Night Safari as part of Part A Camp.

5.         Various CIP activities :

            a.         Collection of recyclables from Residents
            b.         Visit to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age home
            c.         Clap@Khatib Nee Soon South Racial Harmony Day Celebration
            d.         International Coastal Cleanup Day at Sungei Loyang

Name of Teacher-in-charge

  • Mr Alfiyan Bin Ahmad Buhari (i/c)
  • Mr Alvin Tay
  • Ms Shahirah
  • Mr Thomas Lim
  • Ms Oh Wei Shi