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St John Brigade (SJB)

2016 will be a milestone for Naval Base’s SJAB cadets. Not only have we achieved the CAA Gold Award over three consecutive years through the collective effort of our Corp, our Nursing Adult cadets have also attained overall Championship in the First Aid Competition. Not to be out-done, our Nursing Cadets also came in 1st runner up in the competition. All these are impossible without the months of dedicated training and hard work put in by the cadets. Notwithstanding the great amount of effort needed in preparing for the competition, our cadets maintained their resilience at all times.

2016sjab3.jpg2016sjab2.jpgThey participated actively in public duties during events such as the National Day Parade and Road Run. Many exciting events such as the one star kayaking trip and Annual Corps Camp allowed our cadets to let their hair down and forge stronger friendships with cadets from other Uniformed Groups. This is indeed a fruitful and unforgettable year for NBSS SJAB and we are grateful for the vast amount of support and opportunities given to our cadets to allow them to ‘Be our best!’

Training skills acquired by our SJB corps:   
1. Basic First Aid (BFA) 
2. Advance First Aid (AFA) 
3. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 
4. Home Nursing Automated External
    Defibrillator(AED) qualification 
5. Bandaging     

All Cadets will be tested on the above skills and obtain the accredited First-Aider Qualification Card.  

Apart from the Ambulatory skills, our corps also enjoy other activities such as Total Defence Course, Civil Defence Course, Map Reading and Hiking.  

In total, our SJB cadets receive a holistic training in the true spirit of St. John’s mission ‘For the service of humanity’.

Name of Teacher-in-Charge

  • Mr See Kok Han
  • Mdm Shanthi 

Training Days

Every Tuesday from 2.30pm - 5.30pm