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Design and Technology

Design & Technology (D&T) is a subject that centres on problem-solving through the pursuit of improvement and innovation designs to improve the quality of living.  As students acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes inherent in the design process, they understand and appreciate design and innovation as an integral part of their everyday experiences.  By learning and applying Design Thinking skills, students acquire critical process and problem-solving skills that can be applied to other spheres of their lives.  

The aims of the D&T curriculum are to develop in our students:

  • critical and inventive thinking;
  • design knowledge, skills and attitudes; and
  • awareness and appreciation of designs.

D&T is offered at both lower and upper secondary levels. While the lower secondary curriculum is compulsory, the upper secondary curriculum is offered as an elective which is suitable for students with talent and interest in pursuing design- and technology-related fields of study or work after secondary school.

 Both the lower and upper secondary syllabi comprise of two parts: coursework (70%) and written examination (30%). One important component of the coursework is the Design Journal, a detailed documentation of the design thinking process. 

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