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The Humanities Department aims to provide a conducive learning environment through the use of effective teaching and pedagogical practices to enhance pupil learning to achieve value-added results.  The department adopts an inquiry approach to learning for deeper and enduring understanding of concepts.  We also engage our students in authentic learning outside the classroom in geographical and historical investigations. 


Secondary 1 – Field Studies at the Fort Canning Park & Lower Seletar Reservoir
Secondary 2 -  Field Study on Public Housing
Upper Secondary –  Financial Literacy Workshop, Micro-climate study and Field Study of Tourism at Chinatown


  • Participation in Competitions: NYP amazing Race at Sentosa, Community in Bloom competition
  • Academic Excellence Programme
  • Environmental Programme

2nd runners-up of the Nanyang Amazing Race in Sentosa 2013

The Champions of Nanyang Polytechnic Amazing Race in Sentosa 2013

HUM1.jpg HUM2.jpg

We did again in 2014, emerging the Champions of Nanyang Polytechnic Amazing Race in Sentosa 2014

The Go Pro Camera the students won for the school
HUM3.jpg HUM4.jpg
Xi' an, China 
with terracotta soldiers found at the Qing Shi Wang's tomb
Kukup, Malaysia 
Southern most tip of Southeast Asia

       Field-studies on tourism in Chinatown by the 
secondary four.
Field-studies at Lower Seletar Reservoir by the secondary one.

Local learning trips

Fort Canning ParkSenoko Waste Energy Plant
Learning about the state of art technology used in waste management Post-learning journey presentation and sharing 

Financial Literacy Workshop for all Secondary Three pupils

Enjoying and playing a board game while honing financial skills 

6) Spice & Herb Garden at Navalite Green

It is a true Navalite community effort involving Sec one pupils, Naveo Environmental Club members, uniformed groups, parents and teachers. It is hard work but rewarding to see how a vacant plot of land has been turned into a garden of luxuriant greenery which won a silver award in the Community in Bloom competition. 

Navalite Green Community In Bloon (Schools' Category)
Silver (2010 - 2013)
Gold (2014 - 2015)
Students attending to the plants in Navalite Green