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LLP - Character Education through Sports

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Central Idea for LLP - Sports
  • Character Education through Sports Awareness, Commitment and Empowerment (SPACE)
  • In Naval Base Secondary School, we define success as

"Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you 

  made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."

  • The framework with which we base our approach is the Pyramid of Success. This is a self evolution tool with which we teach our students the various blocks to success.

Tier 1: PE Programme

Tier 1 Sports Awareness & Commitment track encompasses mainly the school’s PE programme for all secondary 1 to 5 students. The focus here will be to raise awareness & commitment to a range of sports, encourage daily physical activities to promote health (Healthy Living Learning), build relationships, inculcate values and use sports as a platform to enhance learning interests. Besides experiential and cooperative learning, there will be explicit teaching of knowledge, skills, values and competencies for sound performance & moral character development. The foundational blocks of John Wooden’s PoS are also firmly anchored here.

Tier 2: Sports Empowerment
Tier 2 Sports Empowerment  (Growth & Development) track provides opportunities for students to learn in a variety of roles e.g. spectatorship and sportsmanship at both the recreational and competitive levels.

Additionally, there will be platforms for identified students with potential to hone skills in leadership, facilitation, presentation and event management. Such opportunities to learn, experience and contribute in various roles in sports can be structured during CCA or PE lessons or at school-wide events e.g. organising / facilitating at Cross Country Run or NBSS Sports Fiesta.  Critical and inventive thinking skills can be developed at this juncture.