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Mother Tongue Language

January 2018
Tamil Language Activities

Once again, 2018 started off with lots of colours and a delicious feast served by the Tamil department! The Part 1 of the Tamil Fortnight activities was conducted during the Pongal (Harvest Festival) week at Naval Base Secondary School.

A mini display of how Pongal festival would be traditionally celebrated was the focus of the entire fun-filled week. The joint effort by the Tamil teachers and all Tamil students to complete a Clay pot paintings and the Banana Leaf Food spread session to the staffs served by the graduating students themselves were the highlights of the event.

Banana Leaf Treats.jpg

February 2018

The month of February was filled with drama experiences and competitions. On 3rd February 2018, a group of interested Navalites witnessed a live stage drama at the esplanade. The show “Adukku Veettu Annasamy” displayed the olden day neighbourhood and lifestyles of then Indian families and was a hilarious feast!

Adukku Veettu Annasamy Drama (3 Feb 2018).jpg

Following that, our Navalites participated in a series of competitions – “Maethavi 2018” and “Sigaram 2018.”

“Maethavi 2018” is a National TV competition and by making it to the Quarter Final round, our 3 Navalites – Sajja Ramyasri from 4-5, Vickneswarann from 4-7 and Jeevika from 4-8, displayed utmost poise and confidence in the round and made NBSS proud. This student game show will be broadcasted in April on Vasantham. Be sure to catch our young talents!

Maethavi - Quarter Finals with the Host Ms Jeyasutha.jpg

“Sigaram 2018” is an All-Arts competition. Our students participated in Singing, Impromptu Drama and a Quiz. Once again, our Navalites gave their best efforts in all the competitions. All the Best, Ajaykannan from 4-9 for making it to the Finals for Singing competition.

2016 Chinese Language Fortnight and Camp

The 2016 Chinese New Year concert marked the start of the Chinese Language Fortnight Part I. Navalites celebrated the vibrancy of our rich Chinese cultural heritage through music, songs, as well as traditional new year crafts. This is followed by a Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop and a learning journey to Katong. 

NBSS Symphonic Band ushered in the Year of  Monkey with delightful Chinese New  Year music

Lion dancers performing the tradional custom of  “Cai Qing” (採青).

Highlight of  the CNY concert 
-- Couplet Writing Competition


Navalites admiring traditional Nonya outfit –“kebaya”, beaded slippers and other Peranakan handicraft at Katong

2016 Mother Tongue Fortnight Part II 

The theme for Mother Tongue Fortnight Part II was “Our Food Traditions”. Upper Secondary Navalites attended the Mooncake Making Workshops while Lower Secondary Navalites were engaged in the learning of traditional games and Chinese food culture such as “Yum Cha” and traditional Chinese kueh. 

mtlfort2.jpgNavalites at the Mooncake Making Workshop


Sampling of  traditional Chinese kueh such as Ang Ku Kueh, Png Kueh, Soon Kueh

Highlight of the week was the hosting of pupils from Yuan Tong School in Africa. The African students attended Secondary Chinese classes and participated in a soccer match with Navalites. They also put up a performance for Secondary One Navalites and joined them in the traditional games. Navalites were inspired by their enthusiasm in learning and their passion for Chinese culture.


“Crash course” in Chinese martial arts for Secondary Three Navalites

“Love Chinese, Inspire Life” Concert for Secondary One Navalites.

Tamil Language Activities

25 October 2017 - Motivational Talk 

Coming to an end of the academic year, a motivational talk was conducted for the Secondary 1-3 Tamil student cohort. It was the first of its kind at NBSS as the motivational speakers were none other than
NBSS’s very own Mr Subhash (HOD/CCA), Mr Balasundram (OM) and Mr Sulaiman (Principal).

The talk inspired the 67 students present for the session and provided a great insight 
to the struggles and successes the motivational speakers had gone through in their lives. The session also illustrated two key messages: (i) that the struggle every individual goes through today would provide the strength to build a better tomorrow and (ii) successful people are common people who reside among us.

20171030_155312.jpg 20171030_155341.jpg 

26 October 2017 - Indian Instrumental Workshop

In addition to the Tamil Fortnight activities, our young Secondary 1 Tamil students had an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the art of playing the Indian traditional musical instruments at Rhythms Aesthetic Society. They had a splendid time getting exposed to three types of the Indian musical instruments – Mirudhangam, Tabla and Keyboard. The passion to play such musical instruments was unleashed during the workshop and even our non-MTL students showcased their basic skills in playing those instruments with poise and confidence.