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Application Process and Key Dates

Please adhere to the following deadlines stipulated by the Ministry of Education for the O-Level Music Course starting in 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted.


Course of Action

By 10 July 2019

1. Apply for the GCE O-Level Music course online and upload all the necessary supporting documents at https://tinyurl.com/2019-olevelmusiccourse.

2. Ensure that you and your parent’s / guardian’s email address is correct and active.

3. Print out the automated email reply (which contains the information submitted by the applicant). The printout must be signed by your parent / guardian.

By 11 July 2019

Submit the signed printout to the music teacher.

26 July 2019

All applicants will be informed to attend the Listening Test on 17 August 2019, Saturday.

17 August 2019

O-Level Music Listening Test for all applicants. There are no replacement date for the test if an applicant misses the listening test without any valid reason.

A briefing on the O-Level Music Course will be conducted for parents and student applicants immediately after the Listening Test.

Mid-September 2019

All applicants will receive the outcomes of the selection exercise.

Successful applicants will receive a notification letter to select an O-Level Music Centre. More information on the deadline and O-Level Music Centres will be given in the notification letter.

October 2019

Successful applicants will receive notification letter on posting outcome.