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The NBSS Curriculum is the sum total of all the learning which Navalites experience in their 4 to 5 years with us. This learning takes place within formal curriculum time as well informally through interactions with schoolmates and staff. It takes place inthe classroom, outside the classroom, outside school (learning journeys, camps, competitions), and even outside Singapore (overseas learning experiences). 

The NBSS Total Curriculum anchors on Character Development which we define to be holistic education in the domains of social & moral development, leadership development, cognitive (academic) development, physical development, and aesthetic development (NBSS is especially strong in visual arts). All programmes in the school are geared towards achieving these outcomes. 

Key Character Development Programmes 

This year, we have 3 key Character Development (CD) programmes viz. CD1: Character & Citizenship Education (CCE), CD2: CoCurricular Activities (CCAs), and CD3: Form Teacher Connect Time (FTCT). 

The NBSS CCE curriculum incorporates Lifeskills for Effective Living, Civics & Moral Education, National Education, Cyberwellness, Sexuality Education, and Environment Education. 

The 180-minute weekly CCA (CD2) programme provides the training ground for Navalites to practice the personal and interpersonal skills learnt during PSME and school camps. Leadership skills are honed through active CCA participation and Navalites learn to bond with each other and be proud of their CCA group. Hence CCAs are compulsory and we have integrated the CCA period into curriculum time this year. 

The FTCT (CD3) provides time and space for Form Teachers (FTs) to connect with their form class and to build sense of class pride and belonging. FTs also do one-to-one conferencing to have better individual knowledge of their pupils. 

School Wide Leadership Programmes for Personal Mastery 

In the first week of January this year, the entire school participated in various personal mastery programmes in and out of school, within and beyond Singapore:  

Sec 1: Personal Leadership Camp in school
Sec 2: Adventure Leadership Camp 
Sec 3: Adventure Leadership Camp 
Sec 4E-4NA: Motivational Programme
Sec 4NT: Outdoors Motivational Programme
Sec 5N: Motivational Booster Programme

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