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Talent Development @ NBSS

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The Naval Base Scholars Programme

At Naval Base, we grow leaders of character and ignite the passion in our students to put in their best and achieve excellence in their areas of interest.

The Naval Base Scholars Programme is an exclusive programme customised to provide an enriched and challenging learning experience for high-achieving students. This programme provides these selected students with the additional edge to succeed in life through specially crafted programmes. The selection process commences at Secondary 1 and selected students are invited to join one of the following:

1. Research Scholars Programme 
2. English Language Scholars Programme
3. Art Talent Development Progamme

The Naval Base Scholars Programme houses a wide array of intensive and stimulating programmes and activities that provide opportunities and platforms to meet the cognitive needs of the students and monitor their development. 


Research Scholars Programme (RSP)

RSP is offered to students who show keen interest and potential in numeracy, scientific inquiry and problem-solving. Scholars will also get to develop creative academic games and organise competitions in the area of Mathematics and Science. In addition, they will be involved in research projects with higher institutions and attachment programmes with industrial partners.

English Language Scholars Programme (ELSP)

ELSP focuses on the finer aspects of communications and is offered to students with a flair for the English Language. Besides gaining additional exposure at public speaking competitions, scholars will also be required to produce several pieces of written work at a standard worthy of publication.

Art Talent Development Programme (ATDP)
The ATDP is a 4 to 5 year CCA-based programme providing students with a keen interest and talent in art to pursue art outside of curriculum time. Students may apply based on interest and are not required to offer art at upper secondary level.

Aside from developing their personal practice and portfolio, students on the ATDP will also participate in key developmental programmes at different stages of their studies. For example, Secondary 2 students will participate in a 6-week curation module at the National Gallery Singapore; at Secondary 3, they will organise the school’s annual art exhibition.

Students on the ATDP are eligible to apply for the NBSS-Crete Art Scholarship.