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New Campus

Design Concept of Upgraded Campus

Our upgraded campus is planned and conceptualised with the following objectives in mind:

  1. Provide facilites that enhanced effectiveness of teaching and learning.
  2. Design a campus layout that enhances operational efficiency of the school.
  3. Create a setting that inspires Navalites to strive for excellence.
  4. Build a beautiful school that the Navalite community is proud of.
  5. Accentuate the unique identity of the school.


Twin Vision for Campus

These draw on the strengths of the school:


School As Giant Art Gallery

Visual Arts is our school's special niche and we will transform the entire school campus into a giant space for the display of various media of art.


School In A Garden

Our school has attained the Sustained Lotus Award for our Environment Education Programme. Supporting the national vision of Singapore as a City In A Garden, our campus will have lots of lush greenery in a lovely garden setting.


The facades of the school have three distinct colour themes: the cool external facade with eclectic hues of blue sets a naval theme for the campus, while the contemporary modernist red internal facade of the area to the right of the Lotus Pond projects vibrant aesthetic vibes. Similarly, the soothing green facades of the Plaza and academic blocks provide a pleasant and conducive setting for learning. Extensive use of our school colours are constant reminders of our quest for excellence. Yellow, the colour of gold, denotes our quest for excellence, and blue, the colour of the deep ocean, celebrates the aspiration to venture far in life. Interesting details in the whole colour scheme have resulted in a visually exciting campus.



School equips Navalites with a champion mindset and life skills for academic success. This prepares them to set sail on a bright journey in life. A sailboat was donated by Mr Suthenthiran, whose son Vinod is an alumnus from the class of 2006. It allowed us to create a unique installation in the front of the school encouraging Navalites to set lofty aspirations and venture to the great unknown to find their destiny.



This wall installation is a montage of 366 ceramic tiles created by Navalites, staff and parents in 2009. It is a collective representation of the NBSS Total Curriculum - the totality of Navalites' learning experiences in their four to five years with the school. Navalites are holistically developed in the social, moral, cognitive, physical, aesthetic and leadership domains as well as equipped with mindsets and life skills for success.


This ceramic installation in water was created by class Hope 3-3 (2009) under guidance of local installation artist, Mr Jason Lim. The art piece draws inspiration from the school's Environmental Education Programme, which has attained the Sustained Lotus Award conferred by the Singapore Environment Council . The lotus originates from the mud but rises to blossom above water. Similarly, Navalites can rise above any disadvantageous backgrounds to become caring citizens and future leaders.



The series of wave-themed installations and designs around the school campus conveys the ambition of Navalites to make waves in life as confident individuals and dependable citizens society can lean upon:

(5a) Waves @ Blue Facade – the white horizontal strips allude to cresting waves bearing Navalites higher and further in the sea of life.

(5b) Waves @ School Porch – the abstract pattern of black tiles on the floor weave a fluid fabric of the fullness of life.

(5c) Waves @ Administration Centre - beautiful blue waves on feature wall and at the reception counter envisage a naval theme.

(5d) Waves @ Forum Balcony – a metallic suspension installation in five colours signify continuity and change simultaneously.

(5e) Waves @ The Plaza Triangle (to be installed by end 2010) - an abstract illustration on the performance platform encourages creative flair.

(5f) Waves @ Navy Mural – a wall painting created by class Hope 3-3 (2010)under guidance of Indonesian art instructor, Ms Nenny Nurbayani.





The standing stone slab with flowing water on both sides is a metaphorical representation of our school vision - the three strong water spouts on one side symbolises strength of personal mastery anchored on core Navalite values of Love, Hope & Integrity; the gentle water curtain on the other side symbolises compassion and care for others.



The Plaza, used as our assembly ground sports a podium in the form of ship's deck. Together with Waves @ Forum Balcony above, the set symbolises the Navalite ship sailing confidently into the future.