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Navalite Youth Alumni

If you are a graduate from Naval Base Secondary School below the age of 25 years, you are invited to be part of the Navalite Youth Alumni (NYA) that is specially set up for you….

Develop and maintain a true spirit of loyalty for the Alma Mater. Maintain close links with the Alma Mater so as to help her achieve her objectives. Enable members to renew ties for mutual benefits.

Easier access to school premises with the NYA membership card Invitation to school functions and events Special testimonials for committed members who contribute greatly to the school Use of school sports facilities during off peak hours Priority to use school premises to organise NYA events or gatherings

Areas you can contribute in:

Rendering services in school events/functions such as Cross Country Race, Camps, Games Carnival, National Day, Teacher’s Day, Graduation Day, Achievement Day, etc.

Coaching younger Navalites and graduating pupils in academic subjects (can be in afternoons or evenings (during evening study period) or holidays).

Helping to paint murals / maintain gardens in the school.

Presenting some thing practical from NYA to the school on Achievement Day each year (eg. standing fan for classroom), on Teacher’s Day (eg a cake or something to add to staff lounge).