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NBSS Alumni


NBSS’ enduring legacy is its people and culture of care nurtured through collective learning experiences and friendships. The NBSS Alumni seeks to maintain these relationships and links through regular updates on school events and by offering platforms for alumnae interactions. Through these connections, we enable our alumnae to give back to their alma mater so that this rich legacy endures.

If you are a graduate from Naval Base Secondary School, you are part of the NBSS Alumni.


  • Develop a true spirit of loyalty and love for the Alma Mater.
  • Connect alumnae with their alma mater through mutually beneficial interactions
  • Secure the co-operation and active support of the Alumnae in carrying out the aims and objects of the    school


  • Use of school sports facilities during off-peak hours
  • Facilitate alumnae networking and connections: Eg: School Reunions
  • Showcase alumnae stories
  • Special testimonials for committed members who contribute greatly to the school

Some areas you can contribute in:

  • Render services in school events/functions such as Cross Country Race, Camps, Games Carnival,  National Day, Teacher’s Day, Graduation Day, Achievement Day, etc.
  • Give talks & mentor younger Navalites
  • Contribute to the school’s environmental themes “School in a Garden ”, “ School as a Giant Art Gallery”  and ‘School as a large learning space’  (Eg: mural painting, gardening, etc.)
  • Present or contribute something of significance and practical to the school

If you wish to engage with us in any way or just give feedback on how to strengthen our links, please email to: nbss@moe.edu.sg

We look forward to your partnership with us.