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The school was proud to be given the opportunity to establish links with the RSN in 1999. In an effort to instil pride in our roots and history, the names and mottos of the Missile Corvettes in 188 Squadron of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) - Victory, Valiant, Vigour, Valour and Vigilance was adopted. The hope was that NBSS students would understand, appreciate and internalise the values and attitudes encapsulated in the names and mottos of the Missile Corvettes. The school's collaboration with the navy has continued to strengthen through the years. As one of our partners, navy officers are invited to school functions and the RSN conducts career talks and scheduled visits for our students to the Naval Bases.

The recently updgraded MCV (Picture on left)- RSS Victory (88), RSS Valour (89), RSS Vigilance (90), RSS Valiant (91), RSS Vigour (92) and RSS Vengeance (93) which sailed as a Squadron in a formation at South China Sea in 2013